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The jNotes2 is renamed to Memoranda and moved to This site is kept as a home of jNotes version 1 (actually inactive).

jNotes is an open source Java desktop application for personal information management. The version 1.0 and 2.0 alpha are available for download. See jNotes overview and Users guide for details.

jNotes news and updates

September, 2 2003
jNotes2 alpha updated.
August,5 2003
jNotes2 alpha updated.
May,21 2003
jNotes2 alpha release is available for download.
May 2003
The Bugs page added to this site.
April,17 2003
jNotes version 1.0 (final) released.
April 2003
I proud to announce that jNotes version 2 is coming soon. It is going to be completely redesigned and rewritten. Brief overview  of jNotes2 design and features is available.
December 2002
jNotes 1.0 became the Beta 2 release. Fixed bugs: JDK 1.4 incompatibility (tested with Sun JDK 1.4.1) and others.
July 2002
jNotes 1.0 now became the first Beta release. All features of version 1.0 are implemented, but some bugs may be there.

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